OMA SUD Skycar

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Mixing Practicality With Innovation The OMA SUD Skycar...

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2010 - Onwords
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2,253.00 Kilometer
1,217 Nautical Miles
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OMA SUD Skycar the future is gorgeous

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Aircraft Description-

The OMA SUD Skycar feature innovations in both aerodynamic configuration and avionic installation. It has a twin-boom configuration with a twin vertical tail and the two engine mounted in pusher position on the high wing. The horizontal tail is completely mobile. This configuration make the SKYCAR a unique design with a clean and sharp line. Although its dimension are contained, its internal volume is notably superior to that of its competitor, permitting exceptional comfort for the passengers and elevated cargo capacity, characteristics which not other aircraft of its class can boast.

It is the twin boom configuration that has, moreover, permitted the SKYCAR to offer a rear door that can open in flight; this special opening system (unique on this class of aircraft), together with the internal volume in cargo configuration (about 200 ft3 ) and the wide cargo platform, ensures that during ground operations, loading of baggage, or stretchers or pallets etc, is simplified, while during flying operations it is possible  to perform air delivery of medicines, clothing, foods, and also general rescue equipment, such us dinghies and other kit.

The compact dimensions (12 mt. Wing span and 8,92 mt lenght) do not actually penalise the internal volume (6,80 m3  / 240 ft3 ), obtained with the un-pressurised fuselage, which is more than 165 cm. wide.


Special configurations with ad hoc instrumentation are available for more wider usage in the military, paramilitary, civil defence and environmental fields thanks to a basic platform which is highly functional and easily adaptable to a variety of uses.

The SKYCAR is fitted with a  retractable undercarriage predisposed for operations from unprepared grass or dirt strips and features latest generation digital instrumentation (full glass cockpit). The prototype  made its first flight from Capua on 21 december 2007, piloted by Test Pilot Maurizio Cheli. Currently the aircraft has flown for some 150 hours, and the trials program was scheduled for completion for the beginning of the summer 2009, with the granting of the relative Type Certificate by EASA/ENAC. From a commercial point of view, several contacts are in course with some potential government clients on an international level, and the first deliveries could take place in the first half of 2010.

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