News - 16 June, 2015 - Bombardier Aerospace News - Bombardier C Series CS300 Flight Test Report

Bombardier C Series CS300 Flight Test Report

Bombardier has announced, that based on flight tests results, its all-new CS100 and CS300 aircraft are exceeding their original targets for fuel burn, payload, range and airfield performance. In addition, the C Series aircraft are on track to meet noise performance targets, making them the quietest commercial jets in production.

The C Series aircrafts maximum range has been confirmed to be up to 3,300 NM (6,112 km), some 350 NM (648 km) more than originally targeted. The aircraft is delivering more than a 20% fuel burn advantage compared to in-production aircraft, and a greater than 10% advantage compared to re-engined aircraft.

"The C Series performance is better than advertised – while offering a best-in-class cabin, and carrying up to 150 passengers more than initially promised.  This will provide increased profitability and market access for operators, along with convenience and comfort for passengers," said Fred Cromer, President, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft.

With unmatched environmental and noise footprints, the C Series aircrafts community noise level is up to 20 EPNdB* below the Federal Aviation Authoritys Stage 4 limit, making it ideal for city centre operations.

The Bombardier C Series family of aircraft, representing the fusion of performance and technology, is a 100% all-new design that offers operators potential savings of between US$ 7.5 to 12 million per aircraft.

In addition to delivering best-in-class economics, Bombardier has placed considerable emphasis on cabin design to ensure an excellent passenger experience. The C Series aircrafts larger seats, overhead bins and windows create a wide body feel that offers passengers unparalleled comfort.

The CS100 and Bombardier CS300 aircraft have over 95% parts commonal­ity, as well as the same type rating. The groundbreaking Pratt & Whitney PurePower® PW1500G engine, combined with advanced aerodynamics, delivers reduced fuel burn, noise and emissions, increasing the aircraft’s environmental and social compatibility. By focusing on the 100- to 150-seat market segment, Bombardier has designed the C Series aircraft to deliver unparalleled economic advantage to operators. It also opens up new oppor­tunities for single-aisle aircraft operations.

Bombardier has booked orders and commitments for 603 C Series aircraft, which include firm orders for 243. News Source Bombardier Media-centre.
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